New studio announcement!

July 16, 2018


You guys.

I’m pretty pumped this week, so much so that I’ve been having trouble sleeping from excitement.

I can finally share that I moved into a studio space this past week! For those who have been following my journey, this has been on my goals list for about a year now, really just trying to find the right spot at the ideal price point to really push my ideas forward. I've already filled the space with 10 canvases and an inspiration board (pictured above behind my head) - totally not kidding around here, people.

For those following my journey, it hasn’t always been this sweet story, and I feel like I can admit that now in my effort to be more transparent with myself and especially through my work. Owning a business is hard work, and owning a creative business definitely has its own unique challenges, to say the very least: mentally and physically. Since a year ago when I took this journey on full time, I always doubted that I would find a space like this in expensive San Francisco, that I could make something like this actually work out, or that I would actually be building and blossoming a business at this point rather than sinking it into the mud. It really took a toll on m mentally, in my ability to thrive despite all of the hard work and effort I was putting in. Now with a legit studio space, so many doors have opened for me already in just one week, and so many of my put-off ideas can now come to fruition. Just looking at the picture above makes me so proud of where I am now compared to where I was one year ago, and how my health, happiness, and hopes continue to be on the up and up. I've had tons of ups and downs, a lot of them that I haven't shared with many people, mainly because of shame and that I would feel like I constantly needed to prove my self and my worth in my work. But now, I’m so pumped to see hard work, sweat, and tears really pay off.

So much hard work, sweat, and tears. And I'm not stopping, that's for sure.

I can't wait to share all of the studio happenings with you guys, a few that have already been planted and will bloom over the next few months. This is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to cross more milestones moving forward. 

Thank you to everyone who have been rooting for me from the very beginning, I couldn’t do what I do without you. The support and love I feel from my squad is unreal, sometimes I can't believe it myself. I’m so overwhelmingly happy to start using the space to really dive into creative exploration, collaboration, connection, and to continue sharing my journey with all of you.

Like I always say to myself and others who ask me about my journey as an artist and a human: always follow your dreams, your gut, and your passions. Never give up on that hustle and that itch that tingles you in the pit of your stomach. Beautiful things happen when you believe in the itch and just keep on keepin' on it. Seriously. Never. Give. Up.