RAW Artist Showcase "MAGNIFY"

Notes, observations, + debrief

July 17, 2018


So, it’s taken me about two months to do a write up on the RAW Artist Showcase "MAGNIFY" back in April.

I remember that the day after the show I woke up and was in so much awe. From setting up, to getting ready, to showtime all the way through to break down, it all flew by faster than a hurricane. I felt so much overflowing love and support you all showered me with, not only the night of the show, but every single day I do what I do. I was frequently reminded about my purpose in my work, something that I struggled and continue to struggle with, and why I continue to create. I realized during the show that purpose is to make viewers FEEL something.


It was a very powerful thing that my work brought some viewers to [happy] tears as we talked about hopes, dreams, and purpose as it related to the message that was shown through my work. I was so extremely moved, and it inspired me to keep on keepin’ on, to push forward, and to keep creating not only for my personal therapy, but for YOU.

Your support and love are the fuels to my little engine, so expect to see some pretty touching art and dope announcements your way soon.

I’m beyond thankful for my beautiful friends, supporters, and family who came out last night to celebrate with me. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without all of you, and my work is nothing without my insanely dope community I call family, my tribe, my little gang. THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such a beautiful presence in my life, dumping so much support and love on my plate, more than I know how to handle and digest. I feel so incredibly blessed and lifted. I’m one lucky little turd. 💗 🤗 x millions.
More show photos to come! Also, I any of you are interested in purchasing any of my originals or prints (5x5, 5x7 and 8x10), hit me up! Plenty to go around. Bless up.