Who I am, part I.

May 21, 2018


What's up? I'm a San Francisco based documentary photographer and narrative painter who is passionate about sharing stories through the visual arts. I've been painting and photographing for more years than I can count. I live to travel the world, but you can find me most days creating in my tiny home studio in San Francisco, CA.

That's the short semi-official version. Here's the long version.

I'm all about living life to the extremes and squeezing every single experience out of it like a lemon. It took me a bit to get to this, and particularly by one-five second slip up. In 2014 I took a pretty deep hit to my butt bone while in a mountain park on a snowboard, breaking my coccyx, knocking me out completely, and damaging more nerves than I can count along my spine. The doctors said that if I hit one other specific nerve next to the one of the ones damaged from the fall in my cervical and lumbar spine, I would've been downright paralyzed. This completely reshaped me; it transformed my perception about what breathing actually means. It temporarily physically hampered my ability to dance, one of my other absolute favorites. I experienced the fragility of my life and it scared me to pieces. This moment shook me forever in my bones and continues to define me today. I instantly was given a new lens, a second chance, and decided right then and there in the hospital bed on the road to recovery to never hold back: I began my rehab exercises to get back to walking, a month later I booked a solo volunteer trip to Bali for later that year, got the tattoo I always wanted, moved up to San Francisco, and traveled the far ends of the world like it was my job, which it later would be.  Life is way too darn short to be anxiously sitting on the sidelines, repeatedly wondering "what if." I became a full believer that daydreams should be experienced out loud. I decided to start taking my painting and photography even more seriously as a side hustle until one day, about one year ago, I realized that my full-time self wasn't really "me," that I wasn't living up to my promise back in 2014. So, I dropped it all and became a full time creative. I haven't looked back ever since. 

If you haven't guessed it already, I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. I want to get to know you. We are all beautiful in such dramatically and subtly different ways, and that's just so dope. To learn and share fears, passions, and dreams hidden deep down in the darkest places of your gut, I totally dig it. I attempt to share these things through my art. When you view my art, you view a story through the dream in my eyes. That's my goal in my work with you. 

I look forward to elaborating and sharing more bits about me and my art in posts to follow.